Līga Gaisa


Līga Gaisa

producer, director

The End Game

A former actor is fascinated by an idea. He meets a scientist, a speech therapist, and a juggler and convinces them to stage Endgame by Samuel Beckett. They believe that Beckett’s play about four people trapped in a world that is about to collapse describes the situation they find themselves in. Protagonists’ everyday life intervenes with poetic shots made by one of them and quotes from Beckett’s Endgame in the film about life as theatre and theatre as life.

My Six Million Dollar Father

A self-made banker achieves success during the first years after the collapse of the USSR, but is then forced to flee the country in order to escape an arrest for illegal operations. Sought by the Interpol for more than 15 years, he gives a hint of his existence in a mental asylum in Kuala Lumpur...a film about a man who loses himself in times of change.
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