Kārlis Lesiņš


Kārlis Lesiņš


Nord Express

The Baltic states are preparing to embark on the construction of the grandest and most expensive objects of infrastructure ever built in this region. The Rail Baltica railway line and the Talsinki tunnel will connect the Baltic states to Western Europe and Finland, thus linking the entire European Union into a single transport network. But two journalists come into the possession of classified documents indicating the project is plagued by countless problems. As they investigate, they uncover more and more shocking facts regarding political power struggles, internal schemes and conflicts, corruption, possible intelligence activity, international security risks and negligence. Will a project that could become a symbol for the integration of the entire European Union turn into the biggest failure in the history of this alliance? Or will the greed and carelessness of the responsible bureaucrats be defeated by a common effort to reach the noble goal?

El Lobo: The Legend of Latvian Wolf

The world got to know him as the villain “El Lobo Letón”, or “The Latvian Wolf”, but his real name was Wolf Ruvinskis. Street brawler, soccer player, luchador, actor, socialite, lover, husband and father. This is the legend of "The Latvian Wolf"! The plot follows the spectacular journey of a lifetime of Latvian refugee Wolf Ruvinskis from Liepāja through Argentina, Columbia to Mexico. From poverty and life on the run to glory and fame of Mexican Cinema.
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