Viktória Hozzová

Czech Republic

Viktória Hozzová


Don't Gaze Long Into the Abyss

Don’t Gaze Long Into The Abyss is a feature–length love-and-hate story of a beatnik fascination
into an exotic east and epic drama of an adventurous life and dream shattered by two political
events - Prague spring and Islamic revolution of 1978. It is filmmaker’s journey into a dark mind and in the steps of adventurous and wandering life of a Czech spoilt genius never made, never
released, never believed. Meditative film poem about freedom, mysticism, fate and exile. The
mysticism of a Czech artist seen through an "eastern" oriental eye.

Glass Under My Skin

Based on the director's personal experience, Glass Under My Skin captures a perspective of anorexia away from the stereotypes, in which anorexia is whether reduced to a disease or exaggerated to a joke. The film is an examination of the body, mental strategies, and intimacy of a woman with anorexia.

Glass Under My Skin is an immersive coming of age story of Beatriz, that is an alter ego of the director herself. Beatriz is not a victim of absurd standards of beauty, but a woman trying to sublimate hunger through calculated and rational strategies. It is a tragic game between mind and body: if the mind triumphs in its absolute control of desire, the body dies. We see the world through the eyes of Beatriz. We live the intimacy of her agony. We feel the paradoxical ecstasy of Beatriz, her senses sharpened by years of food deprivation and by a routine based on control, repetition, and rituals. The less she eats, the more energy she has. In this film, anorexia is seen as a symptom of our time. We investigate a body in all its intimacy, in its suffering associated with bliss, asceticism amidst abundance, and a daily dicing with death and tragedy.

Through an informal narrative, exploring the themes of death, art, isolation, asceticism, personal failure and the corruption of human relationships, the film follows the history of Beatriz from the moment she enters the anorexia, through its peak to the moment she begins to overcome it.
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