Ieva Ozolina


Ieva Ozolina


My Six Million Dollar Father

A self-made banker achieves success during the first years after the collapse of the USSR, but is then forced to flee the country in order to escape an arrest for illegal operations. Sought by the Interpol for more than 15 years, he gives a hint of his existence in a mental asylum in Kuala Lumpur...a film about a man who loses himself in times of change.

Out & Open

The post-Soviet view of the LGBTQ+ topic in society is still hostile. Five young and brave protagonists share their experiences of gender identity and sexual orientation. Andrey and Ilya are a gay couple, Robis feels better as non-binary, Vincent is a trans guy, Danute and Sandy have been in a relationship for five years, Konstance feels better as a woman than man. We often are used to LGBTQ+ characters portrayed as activists or victims but gender is not a job and being different is not a choice. Our protagonists share their lives to show us that they are people with various interests, full of energy and life.

Brothers in the Hunt

Light and humorous story about three criminals and their friendship. Released after a long-term sentence, Victor and his cell mates create a debt collection agency.
The team is taking cases when police and legal system are helpless. They charge 50% of regained funds and use methods God only knows to get things doneā€¦ Brothers in the Hunt is a character-driven film. Janis has started writing a book about his motorcycle club, but sniffing too much cocaine makes him procrastinate. The elder one, Victor, is keeping all the bunch together while dreaming of retiring in his property in Bulgaria, but the third one, Ruslan, enjoys all day boxing and simply wants to get married.
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