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Režie: Roman Ďuriš


22-year-old Romani Dalibor's seen and survived more than any of us can even imagine. Feature documentary "Fakir" tells a story of his desire to break out from the vicious circle of his past and become a proper member of our society. We'll watch a young man from marginalized community try to gain better control of his life and help make his family whole again.
When he was eighteen, his abusive father threw him of of his house and Dalibor became homeless. When a wandering horror circus arrived in his hometown, Dalibor kept coming there every day, begging for a job. After initial refusals, the circus director was persuaded by Dalibor's perserverance and hired him as a manual worker. He also gave him a place to live and thus got Dalibor off the streets - he gave him a chance no one else did.
After some time, Dalibor began learning how to spit fire and control the pain when shot by stun gun. The circus director promised him if he trains hard, he'd eventually gets to perform and will earn more money. Therefore, Dalibor could provide financial support for his mother and younger brothers who now live in a shelter for victims of domestic violence.
It seemed Dalibor found a new life goal, but his plans were temporarily paused. His past catched up on him and Dalibor was sentenced for a petty theft from when he was homeless. Despite that, his will to be better is not diminished by the jailtime. Quite the opposite – the vision of working and performing in the circus again seems to be one of few things to keep him sane and determined to grow.
Our project touches several social topics through which we hope to introduce Dalibor as a relatable human being, a lost soul looking for redemption. But will he eventually find it?
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