71 min

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Režie: Lilit Movsisyan


Karine is a determined teenager whose life goal is to become a vet and treat animals. She was brought up in a small Armenian village where her family breeds Armenian shepherd dogs (Gamprs).
Her father is a dog-fighter. He always takes his dogs to attend the championship, where hundreds of men watch and bet. Karine has never witnessed a fight, she always faces the consequences and treats the wounded giants.
Her family is against her dream. Her father wants her to become a dancer, and be a teacher at the school. Her mom wants her to become a hairstylist, so she can always have a good income. Her Grandma wants her to be a good wife in future.
Karine is scared to continue to fight for her future. Will she end up breaking the patriarchal circle, or will she give up and let others decide?
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