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We think about future generations. We have a moral concern among the living, and this concern can be extended in time. The human race is aware of the problem that we often make decisions that will have impacts on people far into the future - such as producing nuclear waste that will remain toxic for millions of years. Are we able to create a framework robust enough to defend the future generations in the face of the interests of those alive today, or would it involve massive restrictions on our freedom of action? Currently, we despoil the earth and seas with harsh consequences. In the end, only some of us can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, others must deal with the consequences. In 100 years, this will be seen as scandalous and degenerate comparable to other major crimes committed in the past that we look at with horror and dismay today. Though our successors will be appalled by our consumerism, we do not find it easy to adjust to more modest ways.

Radioactive waste management is unavoidable. At the current rate of uranium consumption on Earth, it will last only for the next 80 years. In a few decades, entire Europe will look like one waste The echoes of past generations reverberates in our film “Burial”. Cinema as the tool to render the invisible into visible. A screen that illuminates a hidden world in the dark.

There are many more changes we could imagine. But how can we imagine the future?

Burial is like an archaeological expedition from the future to places that are no longer accessible to ordinary people, observing the entire nuclear fuel cycle: from abandoned uranium mines to wandering around radioactive graveyards. This endless man-made cycle in the film is observed in various places in the world. It is a cycle that never stops, although it is clear that it is self-destructive. What was taken from the Earth will never be put back in the same state as it was before human interference, and the scar will remain a deep threat to future generations.
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