90 min,

52 min


A Bit of a Stranger

Трішки чужа

Režie: Svitlana Lishchynska


Svitlana, a film director born in Mariupol. Before the war Svitlana films her family, four generations of woman, who have lost their national identity due to a long-term imperial policy of Moscow.
Russia invades Ukraine. The shock of the first months of the war. Not understanding how to live on. Olexandra with her daughter Stephanie escape to London. Valentina stays in Kyiv and keeps in touch with Mariupol by phone. Svitlana tries to find out what was happening in the city.
Women live their experience of war and try to figure out the history of their family. In the course of events, they wonder what patriotism is, and is it worth dying because of it?


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