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The World is Not (a) Mine

The World is not (a) mine

The World is not (a) mine is a story about ordinary functioning in the most horrendous conditions yet having unstoppable and inexhaustible will to survive. It’s a story about people’s choices, the past, and death in one of the most rigid places on earth.

Cerro Rico Mount - 4600 m above the sea level. It was here that 80% of global sliver resources were coming from thanks to which new cities and empires have been created. Nowadays, there is not many minerals left on Cerro Rico but one can still find a precious rock which can change the fate of a whole family. This attracts people of different age even though they have risk their lives to descend to hell and ascend from it day by day, year by year. They are not deterred by daily hazards at the mines. The accidents happen on a daily basis, dust, arsenic or other lethal substance poisoning account for the life expectancy of 36. My protagonists - socially marginalised people who live without running water, sewage, and even electricity - are living with hope that everything may change in a blink of an eye.

Cerro Rico doesn’t have any church, building it there wouldn’t have any economical reason. The faithful would not be able to donate anything. My main protagonist - Roberto, a self -proclaimed priest consolidates this world by weekly Sunday masses. He works in a shaft, his mine being one of the most dangerous due to water residue and frequent collapses. Roberto is putting aside money to get ordained and become a real priest. This would mean leaving Cerro Rico and abandoning his friends and the faithful who count and lay their trust on him.

They breath in foul air. They try not to think, not to feel, not to suffer. These are going to be my characters. Left for themselves, The ones who still hang on to dreams, hopes that were not destroyed by alcohol. These are the one worth directing the camera at. What is this world like which asks itself a question “Have the people like us disappeared or we ‘ve become invisible?”
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