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Yours sincerely, Social System

S úctou, Váš sociálny systém

"Yours sincerely, Social System" is an absurd comedy and social documentary film about Yves Nicolas Ogou, who originally comes from Benin in Africa, but he has been living and working in the eastern Slovakia for almost 25 years now. Although he is a foreigner in this country, it is him who helps the local people understand the social system, which is many times being very unhelpful to them. Socially disadvantaged people, who often don't understand the system, are lost in it and Ogou is their only hope. He is their representative, their attorney, their closest friend. Bizarre and absurd situations, misunderstandings and not comprehending the language of the authorities often cause them trouble. That's when Ogou stands up for them and does all he can to help them out of their miserable conditions.
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