90 min


Trapped by Law


Režie: Sami Mustafa


Kefaet and Selami, two young brothers, Rap artists. They grew up in Essen, Germany in the hip-hop culture and as asylum seekers since 1988. Kefaet is born in Prizren, Kosovo, taken by his parents to Germany at age of four. He was married and has two children there; Djelan and Djihan. Selami is born in Essen and have never been to Kosovo. In March 2010, they are deported from Germany to Kosovo, a country they had never been to. They are not ordinary people and especially not ordinary Roma. They are very talented rap musicians, which is not customary in Roma culture. They are sure they would not stay long in Kosovo: “I have stuff to do back home, and lots of music to produce”.They are separated from their parents and older brother; who still live in Germany. Kefaet had been married in the meantime and divorced; this deportation also separated him from Djelan (his daughter), and Djihan (his son).They are facing being tourist in their own country, meeting new friends and living out of German support for re-integration for the firs six months. Meeting the family they heard of while growing-up in Essen, and instead of help and support they face nothing than the rejection from their own family. Desperate with no ways to survive, living at friends place, and nowhere else to go, their mother Farie comes to Kosovo three months after deportation, to be with them and take them back home. She has German documents, and can travel without problems. When Farie arrives they stop playing tourist and take life more seriously in their hand. They are starting to make their Kosovo documents, but it’s all complicated and waiting for months to clear the issues as Selami is born in Essen, and he didn’t exist in the Kosovo administration. Instead of them, I am going to Germany four years after deportation to meet their family, meet Kefaets children, their lawyer, and ausländerbehörde to know more and finally understand why are they deported?


Snímky z East Silver Karavany opět bodují na světových festivalech
26. 10. 2015

Snímky z East Silver Karavany opět bodují na světových festivalech

S pomocí celoročního projektu East Silver Karavana se podařilo režisérovi Faridovi Eslamovi se svým snímkem Yallah! Underground natočeným v české koprodukci získat Hessian Film Award za nejlepší dokument letošního roku.
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