68 min


White Cube

Režie: Wojciech Pustoła


Carrara is an Italian town famous for white marble extraction. It is a uniquely preserved world. A time machine. A tradition based reality.
 It has always been a mecca for sculptors. Contemporary engineering has the shaken foundations of this town by developing a robot that can produce any 3D marble shape from a computer file. Gradually, human touch is being lost. These robots are called Antropomorfo, and are designed to imitate the movement of the human hand. The implications of the robots’ appearance in Carrara are obvious—it is the beginning of the end. The end of human sculptors, that used to rule the land and now they are calling themselves Talibans of Sculpture. Marble, they say, needs love and affection. It needs time. But there is no time; because time is money.
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