Ve vývoji


Leading Czech athlete Marcela runs from a rehab for alcoholics to her dream of participating in the 2021 Olympics in Japan. She chose the royal discipline - the marathon. Does she want to win over herself or is she still running away from her problems? This time just in another way. This is where our film begins and at first sight could be read as a so-called "success story".

But our perspective is to try to see deeper and beneath the surface.
What does it mean to be a top athlete today? Turn your body into a machine that sport doctors talk about as a racing car. Or make yourself a business item that zigzags between the demands of the sponsors.
What should a successful woman of today look like? Whip up her body so that she stops menstruating and gambles with the ability to have children? Where has the ordinary joy of running gone? We will ask these questions on the way together with Marcela: At trainings and races in many destinations around the world, at Marcela's visits to a group of women who went through alcohol treatment, after interviews with journalists, for whom Marcela is becoming an increasingly attractive commodity.
However, the main reflection of our questions during the shooting is mainly Kenya, where Marcela goes to train regularly for several months and where we found a parallel character. Her name is Milllicent - runner who has a contrasting motivation to train. She needs to support her 3 children in a state of absolute poverty. In Kenya, where running has become a professional profession over the last 20 years, training and participating in races is the only way to escape your poverty.

But the poor African woman seems happier than Marcela. What actually causes this wealth of her? Isn't it just blind naivete, filled with faith in God, that keeps so many people in Africa afloat? Or does it really have something more in it that Europeans lack?
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