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Režie: Agnieszka Zwiefka


Before becoming a DJ Wika worked for 30 years at a reformatory helping juvenile delinquents. Surviving World War II, two husbands, raising children and working double jobs, Wika has always been a fighter. Today she has to win the last battle, with her aging body and family that would like to see Wika in a more traditional role of a grandma. But Wika doesn’t know how to bake cakes and together with her colorful group of friends refuses to be closed in her flat. She wants to dance.

Every weekend she plays for people younger than her 30-year-old grandchildren. Electro, techno, house – no music style is a mystery to her. When Wika had to undergo a complicated hip surgery, for the first time in her life she thought she might actually use help to carry heavy DJ equipment and play sets. She organized a casting for an assistant. The winner was a 71-year-old Krzysztof - he smelled nicely, unlike other men his age, and could drive a car. Now Krzysztof is her travel companion. Together with him Wika organizes famous Hulakula dances for seniors that each week gather thousands of people. Widowers are looking there for love and elderly women giggle like girls. In the film we will combine observational scenes from Wika’s life with staged parts inspired by the golden era of famous Polish dancehalls (dansingi), in which the regular dancers of Hulakula will take part.

Next year will be full of challenges for Wika as she just turned 80. Her doctor suggests she should give up her career of a DJ, as playing till 5 in the morning weakens her heart. Her grandchildren are worried ever since she fell down on the street and even Krzysztof is starting to have doubts about her further work. Wika however is planning to go this summer on the biggest and the most challenging tour across Europe and play in the clubs of Berlin and London. Will she manage? “Wika!” is an intimate and colorful portrait of a woman who has to face the passing of time, fighting to maintain her dignity and joy of life.
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