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Tito. The West's Favorite Dictator

Tito. Der Lieblingsdiktator des Westens

Režie: Bence Máté


The story of this venerated yet controversial patriarch is interwoven with the history of Yugoslavia itself. By tracing the charismatic leader's headstrong path, we also recount the rise and fall of an entire country, one that stood for an independent "third" path between East and West like no other. In a chrono-thematic 4-part documentary series, we follow Tito's life and the development of Yugoslavia from the beginning of the 20th century until his death in 1980, looking as well at the political legacy he left behind. As President, Tito ensured for nearly half a century - partly with his charisma, partly with the brutal exercise of power and oppression – that the multi-ethnic state of Yugoslavia did not fracture. This period was marked by major historical conflicts, such as the Second World War, the Cold War, and the independence movements of many countries. Throughout the course of Tito's biography, a story unfolds that not only reflects the personal life story of the popular dictator, but also the major contemporary and international issues of the 20th century.
The series is character-driven and each episode focuses on a specific period in Tito's life. The episodes each end with a cliffhanger, intended both to build suspense for the coming episode and to encourage viewers to binge-watch. The series focuses not only on Tito's political activities, but also on all the colorful, extraordinary, and sometimes absurd aspects of his life that make his biography a truly unique – and often unbelievable – story.
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