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May 17

17 maisi

Filmmaker Rati Tsiteladze explores the roots of violence on May 17, 2013 when a clergy-led mob including human rights defenders have brutally attacked LGBT people in Tbilisi, which led to a clash between two powerful institutions.

Uncompromised and thought-provocative, Rati puts his life on the line and takes us directly into the war between the church and the political world, over the future of the Post-Soviet Georgia that is battling within itself to make a crucial choice between Russia and Europe and where LGBT people are the scapegoats of the ugly political games.

On his quest, Rati interviews the activists, psychologists, NGO authorities, political and religious leaders, trying to find answers to several fragile subjects that are still taboo in our modern society. He opens the door into the lives of the people, who are forced to deny their identity and explores their inner world as they struggle to survive, where violence is a part of life. As their stories paint an intimate portrait of love and hate, war and hope, we are left with evocative questions about the price of being yourself, traditions and the nature of religion.
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