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Candidates of Death

Kandydaci Śmierci

Režie: Maciej Cuske


Over 10 years ago, director Maciej Cuske decided to take his son and his colleagues on a holiday trip. He wanted to distract 13-year-old boys from the world of television and computer games, so he offered them to make a movie together. The boys liked the idea, they took the camera and immediately started filming. That year, the first of ten amateur horror films titled "Candidates of Death" was created, and each subsequent summer the crew went to record the next parts of the project.

Over the years, not only each part of "Candidates of Death" have become more and more surprising, but also the characters themselves have changed tremendously. The boys became men, experienced their first successes, as well as first failures. Stasiek had to face the breakup of his family, Adrian could not find his life path for many years, Rafał struggled with depression and addiction to alcohol and drugs. Maciek, the director and father of Stasiek, had to find himself in the new reality after the breakup of his marriage. All these tensions and problems were discreetly captured by the camera during the filming of horror scenes.

However, now that each of the heroes has their own lives and commitments, the time has come to finally end their joint adventure with "Candidates of Death." Will the team's last trip be an attempt to settle accounts with the past, recapitulate or stop the last carefree moments before the boys enter adulthood for good?


EDP 2020: Návštěvníci, Šaman proti Putinovi i Veletrh bydlení
5. 2. 2020

EDP 2020: Návštěvníci, Šaman proti Putinovi i Veletrh bydlení

Projekty představené na pitchingu East Doc Forum a během schůzek na East Doc Marketu jsou nedílnou součástí 9. ročníku East Doc Platform, který se uskuteční v Praze od 7. do 13. 3.
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