12 min


It's Possible That Everything is Possible

Režie: Galina Stepanova


It's Possible that Everything is Possible is a film about making a film about a Russian conceptual artist, Viktor Pivovarov, who is absent from the film, and whose existence is mystified by every character involved. Pivovarov, along with Ilya Kabakov and several other artists, is one of the founders of the Moscow Conceptualist movement, which emerged in the city's underground art scene in the 1970's and still has a major influence on Russian artists today. The film explores Pivovarov's biography as an artist who worked closely with the people and realities of life in the Soviet Union in the first decades of his career, after which he underwent a major transformation leaving Moscow in the 80's as he fell in love with the Czech art historian, Milena Slavická, and emigrated to Prague.


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