Złota Street


The tenement house in Złota is a part of the only preserve fragment of the Jewish Ghetto Wall in Warsaw. The building was inherited from Jewish ancestors and repossessed during the reprivatization. 35-year old Krzysztof and his wife Ida take care of this building. He is a grandson of the owner of this house from before the war - a surviver from the Holocaust. Their lives, dreams, unfulfilled plans and ideas mix with life of other tenants. Among them there are 94-year old Czeslaw, a retired accountant, Sułtan from Afganistan, Inna from Ukraine and Fadi from Syria - a war refuge.
They are all entangled in a political conflict about reprivatization in the heart of Warsaw.
„Złota” is a story about looking for your own place to live in the contemporary world.
It is a painful study of a relat
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