92 min


With or Without You

Režie: Hyuck-jee Park


Due to a series of tragic events, Maggi (89) and mentally disabled Chunhee (69) have lived together for 45 years under one roof, sharing one bed and one husband. Bound by an extraordinary duel marriage to the same man, common children, and a lifelong oath they have become symbiotic companions. Today, they are old and alone and approaching the end of their extraordinary intertwined lives. Over a period of two years the film follows the two women in their daily life in the Korean countryside. It intensively captures their intimate and very special relationship. It is not an easy life, but it is marked by deep respect and love and an extraordinary humour shared by both. The director became “a fly on their shoulder”, witnessing a life filled with honesty, loyalty, love, and respect for human dignity. Edited together from more than 400 hours of material, the film offers a rare insight into Korean society.
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