105 min



Režie: Mario Schneider


For thousands of years, the human body has been mapped, drawn and molded - attempts to preserve it for a brief eternity. Akt takes a closer look at the naked body and the delicate spirit within. The film approaches people as sculptures, presents them in all their splendour, sadness, longing, helplessness, joy. Akt accompanies four protagonists in their everyday life. They have one thing in common: they are nude models and they put their bodies in the service of Art. They plunge out of sight from our fast-moving modern world and re-emerge naked in the middle of a still room, remaining in one pose for minutes, hours. An unknown person becomes a projection screen and we ask ourselves: who is this person? What is he like? The model remains an unfathomable mystery. He draws the audience into the course of a story, into the story of a human being, and the real self emerges from behind the outer shell.
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