70 min


War Is Over

Režie: Stefano Obino


The end of a war is never an end. Even when head of states and presidents declare victory, even when international headlines scream PEACE, the war does remain attached to the ground and to the people. The rubble, the dust, the destroyed and abandoned cities are visible wounds that disclose the invisible ones, that are scars of the souls. Disordered elements of a post-traumatic stress syndrome ask to move away from the tragedies experienced in war. Avoiding any memory. As fast as possible: cancel, bury. Reconstruct a normal life made of simple things. Find again the usual, comforting, joyous gestures of the every-day.
It's an almost frenetic, explosive and unexpected euphoria. A return to the non-physical place that was inhabited before one fell into the abyss of violence. Even if one can't even find his or her house anymore.
WAR IS OVER is a account of the universal resilience of the human spirit that is able to rise from destruction and death.
A filmical poem dedicated to all survival skills, in that gap between violence and destruction, which becomes more and more visible as time goes by.
In a world in which “NOW” is imperative for the narration of reality in every media, the real news is what happens afterwards.
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