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Tales from the Prison Cell

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Tales from the Prison Cell is a creative documentary about the relationship between fathers in prison and their children at home. We present incarcerated fathers’ lives in prison and at the same time gain insight into the changed lives of their families and children at home. As we become familiar with their daily lives, we witness the distance and even the closeness that grows between the inmates and their families. As a way of keeping contact, the inmates write fairy tales for their kids which we then make into films with the children playing the lead roles, involving them in the creative process. The stories convey messages that the fathers have come to see as basic truths during the course of their own lives and believe are important to pass on.

The film’s narrative fabric is made up of documentary footage tracking the lives in prisons and at home and the process of story creation, complemented by fictional story-film inserts with spectacular visuals. In accordance, the film’s visual world is at times documentarian-realistic, while in other places it evokes colorful, imaginary worlds.

Tales from the Prison Cell is about the magical, reality-creating power of fiction in a context where everyday reality gives fathers and children – locked away from each other while still also important to each other – a chance to meet under only very limited conditions. On the one hand, our film is a bridge, which connects our characters, but on the other hand, is also an authentic and sensitive documentation of these complex relationships. We believe that, just as the experience of making connections through the world of imagination will affect the lives of the characters, similarly, the viewers could also have a cathartic experience by following these cinematic meetings and recognitions.
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