Ve vývoji


Belgrade 2014. Danilo (the film’s director) is riding the bus home when 10-year-old-Ivan, a Roma boy, enters the bus and asks for money. When he comes to Danilo´s seat, instead of begging he asks if Danilo can teach him to draw the number eight. This is the start of an unlikely friendship between the two of them.

One day, Ivan arrives at Danilo’s doorstep just before dawn. Barefoot and exhausted, Ivan tells Danilo that his older brothers beat him during the night. Ivan sleeps over at Danilo’s apartment. Over the next few days, Danilo tries to calm Ivan by buying him a pair of basketball shoes and teaching him to tie shoelaces, going swimming in a lake, and filming the whole time.

It doesn't take long before their friendship is being tested by their friends and families, by society, and eventually by themselves. Several years later, Ivan arrives at Danilo’s apartment high on glue. Fearing that this dangerous behaviour could ruin Ivan’s life, Danilo begs Ivan to stop. When his words don’t reach Ivan, Danilo drags Ivan to the mirror and makes him face his own reflection. “Look at yourself,” Danilo says. “Is this the person I know?”

Ivan’s self-destructive habits have been a reoccurring obstacle to Ivan and Danilo’s friendship. While in the past they were always resolved verbally, this time involves physical confrontation. In contrast to how Danilo helped Ivan to escape the violence at home, Danilo now resorts to violence himself, fearing that these habits Ivan has might jeopardise everything that the two had accomplished until then.

Eight years later, they are still fighting for their right to be friends. After a tragic development within Ivan’s family, Danilo becomes Ivan’s new family. Ivan spends a period living at Danilo’s apartment and begins adopting aspects of a conventional lifestyle, such as having three meals a day, sleeping in a bed, washing his clothes, taking care of personal hygiene and, ultimately, going to school, which he does for the first time
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