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SELF Concept

SEFL concept

24% of the world population will have experienced a psychological disorder during their life.
If we do not act now, suicide will be the most common cause of death in Western civilization within the next few years.
The framework of SELF CONCEPT is built on episodic memories based on quotes from former psychiatric patients. They are excerpts from different stages of their experience. Those citations are the starting point of the artistic reinterpretation of the patient’s experience but still staying close to the truth. That will allow us to reflect on their experience.
We want to propagate understanding and compassion in our society for people who struggle with psychiatric or psychological issues. SELF CONCEPT is a compelling experience that provides immersion into a mind during its healing journey that enhances understanding and tolerance.
We want to create a transformative experience that will last in the participant’s memory. We want to build tolerance by increasing our understanding of Other(ness) through experience/participation. Inside the world of SELF, we want to evoke feelings of melancholy, contemplation, and compassion. Our project touches on a sensitive and challenging issue of personality disorders that is why we are working closely with J. Babiński Clinical Hospital in Kraków, Ph.D. Krzysztof Walczewski, and former patients of the hospital. We strongly believe and work hard at delivering an experience that will safely take the participants on a journey through the healing process. Project Self (now Self-concept) was developed in vnLab in Łódź Film School.
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