90 min

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Big in Gazi Baba

Režie: Pauline Isabelle Monique Blanchet


Sadije is a 13-year-old Albanian wrestler defying conventions in North Macedonia's complex societal landscape. As the only girl in a male-dominated wrestling club, she embodies resilience in her neighbourhood community. Against the backdrop of the nation's history, marked by a little-known civil war in 2001, Sadije's story unfolds.

In the densely populated, predominantly Albanian-Muslim neighbourhood of Gazi Baba, Sadije trains alongside boys at the Liria wrestling club. Her spirited personality and turbulent attitude make her a natural leader.

Unable to speak Macedonian, she navigates adolescence and evolving notions of gender, forging her path as a female athlete in a masculine arena. Language barriers add complexity to her journey. Sadije grapples with being an ethnic Albanian wrestler in a predominantly Macedonian-speaking country, attempting to bridge the linguistic divide with her limited English amongst her Macedonian peers in the national team.

Her persevering journey contrasts the nation's turbulent history as she struggles to maintain weight, strict diets, and resilience representing her country internationally. Lacking strong female influences, male figures like her steadfast coach and headstrong club president often overpower Sadije, their contradicting machismo opinions encircling her.

On this unique stage, Sadije's extraordinary tale reveals sports' complex role in North Macedonia's nation-building, where identities converge. Hers is a coming of age story where nationalism and selfhood intertwine.
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