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Robotelul de Aur

Režie: Constantin MocanuMihai Gavril Dragolea


Steluța Duță, a 32 year old female boxer, has won the European and World cups many times. She was abandoned at birth and lived a life of extreme violence and abuse in Ceaușescu's regime orphanages and on the streets. Her life radically changed when she started boxing at the age of 20, when she was discovered by her coach and adoptive father, Mr. Voicilași. While practicing for the 2014 European Boxing Championship, Steluța meets her family for the first time and exposes the history of violence and neglect, the hardships and the traumas of her past life. It all springs to the surface through her very aggressive boxing. While media try to exploit her heartbreaking story in the eve of the championships, the training becomes gruesome and the pressure amounts from all sides. Steluța tries to cope and feels determined to win the games in order to have her own home and family she never had.
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