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Listen to the Dove Singing

A olhar para ontem

Režie: Nevena Desivojevic


In a small village behind mountains and waterfalls, green fields and deep woods, someone is stealing goods from inhabitants. Eggs, hens, a hoe, an electric chain saw, porcelain plates and gas can have disappeared so far. All the villagers are certain about who is the thief, but due to no proof, the case remains unpunished. Also nobody dears to report it, everyone prefers to avoid the subject since it is not an easy thing to solve. It is difficult to change the way it has always been: it’s forbidden to accuse your brother, it’s forbidden to talk bad about your relatives, it’s forbidden to be fragile and after all, it’s forbidden to speak aloud about the problems of the village!

The unexpected visit of stranger to the village enlightens a mystery about defamed man and his existence in this traditional milieu.
The stranger is director of the film and the story unfolds around her encounters with the villagers.
As their connection grows, investigation
on the thief turns into excuse to access to
divided sides, or an
attempt to understand a man this very
universe wouldn’t be the same without.


East Doc Shorts Pitch 2019 – vybrané projekty
22. 2. 2019

East Doc Shorts Pitch 2019 – vybrané projekty

Na prezentaci East Doc Shorts Pitch se představí pět připravovaných krátkých dokumentů, mezi nimi i dva české projekty: Štvanice a Pripyat Piano. Prezentace se uskuteční 13. 3. v 10:00 v Institutu Cervantes a je zdarma přístupná veřejnosti.
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