81 min


Parajanov: A Ticket to Eternity

Režie: Harry Tamrazian


The documentary “Parajanov - A Ticket To Eternity”, looks at the life of Sergei Parajanov, a prominent Soviet-era film director who worked in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia, and was persecuted by the communist government on the pretext of his homosexuality, which was a crime in the USSR. The centerpiece of the 81-minute documentary is Parajanov's 1965 film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, which awakened Ukrainian national consciousness, suppressed by decades of Soviet rule. Ivan Dzyuba and Vyacheslav Chernovil, founders of the post-war Ukrainian independence movement, took to the stage during the premiere of the film to protest against mass arrests and political persecution of Ukrainian intellectuals. Parajanov supported the protest and signed a letter to then-Communist leader L. Breznev.
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