95 min


Zaklínadlo k odehnání temnoty

A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness

Režie: Ben RussellBen Rivers


A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness follows a single character at three disparate moments in his life: as a member of a 15-person collective on a small Estonian island, alone in the wilderness of Northern Finland, and as the singer of a neo-pagan black metal band in Norway. Taken as a whole, these three moments signal a radical proposition for the creation of utopia in the present. Starring musician Robert AA Lowe (LICHENS, OM) and co-directed by artists Ben Rivers (UK) and Ben Russell (USA), A SPELL lies somewhere between fiction and non-fiction - it is at once a record of experience and an experience in itself, an inquiry into transcendence that envisions the cinema as a site for transformation.
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