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9-Month Contract

9-თვიანი კონტრაქტი

Režie: Ketevan Vashagashvili


Jana spent her childhood between orphanages and streets of Tbilisi. Now raising a teenage daughter Elene as a single parent, without an occupation, she becomes a surrogate mother. Only 9 months of carrying someone else's baby in exchange for 14.000 USD, an unimaginable amount of money for Jana. Of course, she's on board.
Jana has already given birth to three babies out of two surrogate pregnancies and is pregnant for the third time. Although she is not living in the street any more, she is still far from her dream to have her own place to live. It is unclear how many babies Jana needs to deliver to fulfil her dream. The amount that seems a lot at the beginning, disappears in between her pregnancies. Then Jana needs to start the process again.
As Jana’s health deteriorates from pregnancy to pregnancy, she thinks what might happen to her in the worst case, but lacking other options, Jana sees surrogacy as the only way out of homelessness. Elene’s future is a strong motivation for Jana to carry on through this emotionally and physically hard journey as long as her health allows.
Elene is growing up, so Jana isn’t able to hide her pregnancies from her any more. Her relationship with Elene is the most precious thing for Jana and she is afraid to open up to her about surrogacy. She feels that Elene might judge her, because deep in her heart, Jana does judge herself.
Very close and intimate camera follows Jana during her third pregnancy into a closed- off surrogacy world. Current pregnancy becomes a real problem. Besides the invincible fear of talking to Elene, she worries about the absence of a contract with the foreign prospective father. After delivering the baby, the surrogacy agency pushes her to register and take the child out of the hospital as her own. Refusing to do illegal things, Jana leaves the hospital worried that the infant may end up in an orphanage like herself, and she - in court, against powerful surrogacy business.


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