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Butterfly Child Effect

Efekt motylka aka Little Butterfly

Režie: Jarosław Szmidt


7 year old Zuzia, her parents and her sister, they seem to be a normal, happy family.
But from the moment she was born, Zuzia has been suffering from one of the most diabolical, rare genetical diseases known to man - EB.

Zuzia Macheta, is often called a "butterfly child", because her skin is as sensitive as butterflies wings. It falls apart when you touch it. Her body is constantly covered in extensive wounds. The pain can be compared to burning the skin with a hot oil.
E.B. remains to be an incurable illness.

After years of constant fight, news of an innovative therapy developed by Prof. Tolar in the USA, reaches the parents. This is a big breakthrough, bringing real hope for a rescue and a new life - a life without pain.

Therapy can improve Zuzia's health by 90%, but the cost of this therapy is 1.5 mln $.

The finalization of the 1,5 million dollars fundraiser in a record time of 55-days is a great success and popular media story. The treatment in USA is now possible.

During the first long-awaited meeting with Prof. Tolar he doesn’t hide the fact that in order to reach their goal, the parents will have to survive hell.

The big day of the transplant has come, Zuzia's symbolic new birthday, giving her a great chance to live a normal life.
When it seems that the worst is gone, suddenly a text message comes from Zuzia's mom to the director of the documentary "...Jarek, she is dying. I'm going to her with Alusia right now."

Zuzia fought one more time and she is alive. She survived despite the laws of nature, logic, and medicine. Zuzia's organism has 100% of the donor cells. There is new hope! On Zuzia's healed legs we can see her first ever, normal bruises - instead of open wounds that would appear there before. The therapy is starting to work.

Recently Zuzia celebrated her 10th birthday. She is making her dreams come true…
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