50 min


Kitchen Stories


Režie: Miha Mohorič


1 clove of insanity
2 pinches of fear
3 dl of sadness
4 tablespoons of bravery
5 slices of cognition
6 pieces of loneliness
7 ml of happiness

Combining all, we get a dish of various flavours, flavours which at first taste mismatch, but stirring it well, the very same flavours create a dish which symbolizes life as such. It is up to each individual to decide which spices to use in a dish.
7 Russian kitchens, 7 recipes for life and the eternal struggle between darkness and light, between black and white, between fear and happiness, guide us into the worlds that seem so far away but in reality are closer than we might think. So close we don’t recognise and see them anymore. These worlds dwell inside each one of us.


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