40 min


The Unidentified

Režie: Marija RisticNemanja Babić


The Unidentified follows two story lines that focus on large-scale state-sponsored wrongdoing – war crimes in four Kosovo villages and the subsequent cover-up operation. Both victims and perpetrators recall gruesome memories of the attacks, when scores of ethnic Albanian civilians were killed by Serbian forces in the course of a few days in the spring of 1999. A protected witness – once a member of one of the most notorious Yugoslav Army units deployed in Kosovo, widely known as the Jackals – chose to speak publicly about the bloody massacres in which he was involved as a 20-year-old. Some of the bodies ended up in a police training centre in Batajnica, only few kilometres away from the Serbian capital. The film reveals the names of The Unidentified – the officials who gave the orders.
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