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Malaria 1983

Režie: Petr Salaba


Malaria 1983 is an immersive documentary video game where the player takes the role of a tropical parasitologist on a dangerous mission in the post genocide Cambodia. The interactive story is closely based on the autobiographical book "To Heal, To Survive" (Léčit a přežít) and personal diaries of Dr. Michal Giboda. The player is hurled into a twisted Cold War world of cruel political schemes, post-colonial cynicism and swarms of malaria infected mosquitoes. The task is to face the upcoming challenges through reason and scientific method. You have limited resources, mental energy and you will have to compromise. Will you help the infected patients at the local field hospital where all the former doctors have been executed or will you prioritize your long-term research? Despite being a part of historical events and political shifts, you never get to see the grand picture of things. What you understand with confidence is the internal perspective, the microcosmos of blood and other bodily fluids is what you focus on every day. Your closest companions are petri dish, centrifuge and an old microscope. However, without having the right political connections and profile, your research will hardly ever get published, or at least not under your name and credit.



East Doc Interactive 2019 představuje program
8. 2. 2019

East Doc Interactive 2019 představuje program

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