88 min


Goodbye, Olegovici!

Režie: Eugeniu Popovici


Misha, a 17-year-old boy, spent the last three years of his life in Goian, the only penitentiary for minors from Moldova. On the last day of his conviction, he gathers some of the things he can take „home”. The rest of them he shares to his inmates from prison in an almost ritualic way. His plans for life after-prison look promising. Misha intends to find a job, to start a family and to recover what he missed from his relationship with his parents and two younger brothers. After just a few months, things haven’t turned out as planned. While finding a job with a criminal record isn't that easy as it was planned, Misha still fails to get used to the rhythm of freedom and its price. While struggling to take his life into his own hands and do things his way, the gap between him and the other.


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