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A Canadian girl walks around the unpaved streets of a Romanian village like she owns the place. Kids jump all over her. Everyone knows her as the daughter of Afize. They welcome her even if they don’t understand a word she says.
In 1991, Afize Mustafa, a 15-year old, gave birth to a baby girl. The doctor persuaded the teenage mother that her daughter was going to die.

Jessi Froud is one of thousands of children who were adopted from Romania after the Communist regime fell in 1989.

Jessi is attracted to the community in which her birth family lives, but at first glance, it’s hard to imagine why. The reality of the people there inspires sympathy and compassion. Most families, of up to 15 members, live in single-room houses made out of improvised materials with leaking roofs, no privacy and no running water or electricity. For most people, these are Third World conditions, but when she is in Calarași, Jessi feels at home.

The insecurities she faces in her new life, a world between two continents, two very different realities, her questions; all arise from the journey of a young woman in search of her identity and roots.

Lost and Found revels the inner evolution of a character that mirrors the situation of the community in which she was born, and even more highlights the Romanian society that needs and wants to develop but fails in several aspects.
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