Ve vývoji


Soon after the fall of the Communist regime in Romania, foreigners came to Romania to adopt "the children of Ceausescu", and doctors, lawyers and judges helped them speed up the process in exchange for generous fees. The phenomenon grew so large that the country’s entire child protection system was built from the money obtained.

In the early 1990s, in a community of Roma-Turks on the outskirts of Calarasi, a teenage mother is forced by the doctor and family to give her two children for adoption. One of the children is Jessie, who was adopted by a Canadian family.

For over 20 years, Jessie has grown up knowing that she was adopted by a family of British-Canadians who tried to offer her everything they thought was best for her. But Jessie, short, brown and with olive skin, could never mould to the "perfect family" ideals.
The constant need to know her roots has prevented her from establishing a deep connection with her adoptive parents.

At 27, although she is on a difficult journey, the young woman manages to find her natural mother and brother. The three try to recover the lost time, but everything changes two years later, when her biological father appears. He meets Jessie and tells her she has another sister, whom Afize, their mother, decided to sell soon after the birth and never talked of her since then.

The young woman feels it is her responsibility to find her lost sister.

During the filming, we will follow Jessie closely in an attempt to seek the unconditional love that she feels has been denied from the first moments of her life.
We will follow closely the constant struggle to define her own identity and at the same time the difficulties she faces in finding her sister.
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