27 min


Everything for Riana

Haida Jas Manta

Režie: Mihai Gavril Dragolea


Amalia and her husband, Kalo, are fighting for their baby daughter’s life, as she was diagnosed with a heart disease at just 1 week old. With Amalia being alongside the baby in Romania, Kalo sets off to Italy in order to make money by selling fake phones, the only thing he thinks he can do. What happens in the dark corners of our capitalist world, in the back rooms of consumerism. As large parts of society become more and more obsessed with wealth culture, the fringes are thrown in an even deeper gap that gives birth to frustration and resignation. The parents try to be better for their daughters, but their shortcomings, illiteracy and swindling-for-money lifestyle pose a great obstacle that haunts them.
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