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And Now What And Then What?

A šta sad, a šta tad?

Režie: Boris Mitic


"And Now What and Then What?" is the new impossible project of maverick documentarist Boris Mitić. It’s a fairytaleish ode to parenting in the form of a father's love letter to his kids, filmed in one 90-minute shot through their small apartment. Each detail becomes the catalyst for a metaphorical punchline and each empty surface the canvas of a magical digression - à la Chris Marker meets Alice in Wonderland.

Fifteen years of authentic parenting practice and the entire pathos of the early 21st century will thus be distilled into an irresistible, meta-ironic voiceover, spoken by the author's three kids. We follow the epic journey of the camera through their tiny yet playful living space, celebrating the ad hoc pedagogy of everyday objects in an intimate yet universally applicable manifesto of creative parenting.

To spice things up, the film will feature a soundtrack by ultimate piano wizard Chilly Gonzales and Hollywood-class special effects, including the special appearance of the Mother (who is also the producer of the film) in the shape of a fully-animated voodoo puppet.
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