64 min


Traces In the Snow

Sledy na snegu

Režie: Vladimir Kozlov


This first-of-its-kind documentary uses rare footage of Siberian punk legends including the punk poet and songwriter Yanka Dyagileva and the controversial godfather of Russian punk Yegor Letov, along with contemporary interviews, to recount the story of Siberia’s improbable punk scene in the 1980′s. Arguably the very embodiment of underground, Siberian punk existed not only thousands of miles away from the movement’s epicenters in New York and London but also at the height of the Cold War – a time when playing punk music might literally have landed you in... well, Siberia. Kozlov’s documentary looks at how in spite of (or perhaps due to) its relative isolation this scene thrived and inspired its members to produce some of the most original punk ever heard. The resulting feature is a revelatory look at a scene at once alien and yet somehow deeply familiar.
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