75 min


When The Earth Seems To Be Light

Rotsda Dedamitsa Msubukia - როცა დედამიწა მსუბუქია

Režie: Tamuna KarumidzeDavid MeskhiSalome Machaidze


This is a story of skaters, artists, musicians, in a post- Soviet country. A country in a distracted condition, where one can be crashed by the power of church and politics.
Living in a very conservative society young people want to bring some colours into the bleak reality. They resist through different look, interests or just sport, but even those simply acts cause an outrage of society. One of the character was bullied because of his hairstyle, and he explains that Georgians simply won’t accept people who look different. Despite all troubles they continue their peaceful rebellion, hoping the change will come.


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