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Hotel Astoria

Režie: Falk SchusterAlina Cyranek


In the Hotel Astoria in Leipzig during GDR times many things were possible that otherwise were forbidden. Diplomats and spies, prostitutes and rock stars, the elite of the SED came together. And from time to time also ordinary people. And the Stasi? They witnessed it all.
Since the hotel closed in 1996, it was abandoned and left to rot. This year, after more than 20 years, an investor has started renovation and wants to reopen the hotel in late 2020.

The cross media project HOTEL ASTORIA (Animadoc + VR) revives this legendary place and makes it accessible to a wider audience. The main theme of the narrative is the illusion and reality of the GDR society. Economic and personal dependencies are told around the daily routine of the Hotel Astoria, without judgment. Each and everyone may have their own truth of what happened there.

But what is truth? Which parts are true, which are not? Every person in Hotel Astoria, whether employer, employee or guest, has their own version of the truth. Memories stretching back over thirty years, are extremely subjective and shimmer like the light of a mirror ball. At HOTEL ASTORIA, we let the different truths clash and create an image of time when the political and social system, pop culture and social fabric are reflected on a small scale.



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