Ve vývoji

The Last Nomad

Poslednji nomad

Beginning of June each year, Vanja takes his 400 sheep heard, his horse, dogs and his old buddy shepherd Rade on a three-day long journey to the most distant part on Sinjajevina highland in the far North of Montenegro. They walk through wild and fairy landscape surprised by recent changes: a private windmill farm, new tourist settlement near mountain lakes, wood-saws and concessionaires putting down a centenary forest which their predecessors have been walking through since ages. On their way up Vanja and Rade occasionally meet people who live with their animals far from car drives. They walk until the dusk to stay overnight with a local couple. Stories are being told in front of the fire. In the dawn, Vanja and Rade move on with their animals. Up in the mountain Vanja inherited a hut belonging to his ancestors, but rumour is spreading that their land is to become a NATO military polygon. Vanja discovers ancient documents which establishes Sinjajevina as transhumance summer settlement. The community of shepherds and their families try to fight back and make the Government abandon this plan. They all gather together during the annual St. Ilija feast but find out that there are different opinions among them and that complex political scene reflects even in their small community. In meanwhile, wolfs come down to kill several of Vanja’s lambs. He curses the mountain and sheep. Will this be his last summer in the cottage?
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