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I Used to Be the Mayor

Gabor Demszky is not the typical politician. After the fall of the Soviet Union he became the first mayor of Budapest. Throughout his political career, he witnessed and aided the reform of Hungary. 10 years proceeding his retirement, Gabor finds himself alone in his 1-room apartment struggling with the current political landscape. Viktor Orban’s leadership turned Hungary towards a rightwing regime, but Gabor does not have the same political significance to oppose the movement. In his private life, things don’t look better either. He is again divorced by his fifth wife and finds himself with two young misstresses. However, he is determined to fight a war that he has little chance to win, changing his country and finding stability for his family life.
The film is structured in two layers: The present and the past. We will follow Gabor in his daily actions: working on charity projects, fighting against the current regime, as well as dealing with tensions in his private life. In the meantime, the film will interweave Gabor’s past through animation and archive footage. Hungary’s most turbulent 30 years of history will be told through the eyes of a Mayor 20-years-in-office.
This documentary creates a dynamic portrait of a public person that was once shaped by power, and redefined by his present life.
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