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3rd Bridge / This Tree Is No Longer There

3rd Bridge / This Tree Is No Longer There

We enter into the dreams of a vanishing forest, through the eye of a single room. Following nature’s frequency, through the effects of day to seasonal destruction.


The project gathers stories about families with 4 generations of women under one roof in different countries and cultures and explores the evolution and transformation of family values in the last century worldwide.
Constructing Putin

Constructing Putin

Kdo je Vladimir Putin? V sérii portrétů ruských lidí se pokusíme pochopit zemi a jejího vládce ne z našeho pohledu ze západu, ale skrze ruské oči.
Girl Missing

Girl Missing

Twenty years ago, a 14 year old girl from the village Příšovice in northern Bohemia set out to visit her aunt by bike. Like many times before, a three kilometres long ride. This time, however, she didn’t reach her aunt.…
Pre-Crime - A Predictive Policing Simulator

Pre-Crime - A Predictive Policing Simulator

To gain a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of predictive policing, we will simulate its techniques through a game in several major virtual cities and present the outcomes with far fetching consequences.


A vision full of pollution and climate problems with energy available in abundance. Are we ready to take up complete legacy of ingenious inventor Nikola Tesla?
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