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Režie: Paula Onet


4GenWomen is a global project that gathers stories about families with 4 generations of women under one roof in different countries and cultures. The project questions the evolution and transformation of values through generations and cultures, looking for the authenticity of the oral transmission of culture. The project also reflects upon the beauty and difficulty of sharing physical space, the importance of physical interaction but also to the bidirectional transmission of practical knowledge within generations nowadays. The global project is a celebration of the cultural diversity and a tolerance tool for understanding values and life principles internationally and interculturally.

How we do it?
We chose one country, we find a 4 generations women family who lives together under one roof (great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter), we film their daily life (and create an observational documentary film), we ask them specific questions in a foto-video session (and integrate them in a web-documentary) and we explore their personal foto archive from the family album (to display them in an art-gallery installation). We do the same in 5 countries (first). We also create a mobile app for young generations to connect with the other women from their families by collecting answers to a set of questions and create “the family's inventory of values”.


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