Mikael Opstrup


Mikael Opstrup

producent, developer, konzultant

A specialist in international project development, trailer consultancy, co-productions, workshop planning & tutoring.

Head of Studies at European Documentary Network, EDN (2011-19), editor of EDNs Co-production Guide.

Worked as expert, tutor and moderator for IDFA (Netherlands), Hot Docs (Canada), Nordisk Panorama (Denmark/Sweden), Institute of Documentary Film (Czech Republic), Baltic Sea Docs (Latvia), Docs Barcelona (Spain), In Docs (Indonesia), Dox Box (Syria) a.o.

Developed and headed a number of international workshops.

Produced international documentaries for a couple of decades, latest as co-owner of Final Cut Productions in Copenhagen, Denmark (2002-09).

Documentary Producer at The Danish Film Institute (1998-2002). Attended script writing at the Danish Film School (1988).

Have worked for more than 50 documentary organizations & events all over the world.
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