Gradimir Nikolic


Gradimir Nikolic

producent, režisér, sales agent

Born in Nis, Serbia, in 1972. Production of promo films, informative, commercial deals since 1994. 2004 is the founder of the NGTim And since then working on feature films produced dokumentarno-.
He started as a cameraman in TV Lekovac, and later moved to TV5, Niš. Major projects are '' Closing the Circle '', Informative events in Serbia (protests, arrests, bombing ...)

documentary feature films:

2008. Black Dawn 70’ (Executive Producer)
2006. Battle of the hill Cegar 57’ (Producer)

2017. STEADY JOB 15’ (producer)
2016. spiritual treasures 50 '(producer)
2014. At home with dead 30’ (director and Producer)
2012. 13 years after, where are we today 30’ (director and Producer)
Jury Award for the way it raises new questions about cluster bombs in
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