Yaël Bitton


Yaël Bitton

střih, konzultant

Yaël Bitton is an award-winning documentary film editor, writer, story consultant, and director.
She received a masters degree in filmmaking from INSAS film school in Brussels.
She won the Sima Editing Award for Radio Silence, dir. Juliana Fanjul in 2020, and the Best Editing at Israel documentary forum for Advocate by Rachel Leah Jones and Philippe Bellaiche in 2019.

Yaël began her career as an editor in 2000 while living in New York, and edits films internationally. She has edited numerous successful documentaries such as : Invisible Demons, by Rahul Jain, which showed at Festival de Cannes 2021; Advocate, by Rachel Leah Jones, which showed at Sundance official selection 2019, and won the Emmy Award for best documentary and was shortlisted for an Oscar; Hijos del Viento by Felipe Monroy in 2020; Machines by Rahul Jain in 2015, among many others.

She currently works as a mentor and editing and story consultant for Rough Cut Service, as well as DokIncubator editing workshop, Circle women’s accelerator creative workshop, Visions du Réel rough cut lab, Ex Oriente development, writing and editing lab, and Doc Nomads documentary European university. Since 2008, she has been an editing tutor in the B.A. program at the HEAD/Cinéma du Réel in Geneva, where she has fostered dozens of young emerging filmmakers. For the last three years she has conducted a found footage editing workshop with the students of the editing department, in collaboration with RTS (Swiss television) and their archives fund, in which students develop an intimate and in-depth relationship with materials and the editorial gesture.

Yaël has also directed two feature length documentaries, Not for Sale, 2003 and The Rabbi's 12 Children, 2007, that screened in festivals around the world before being broadcast and distributed in Europe and the USA.

She is a member of The Oscars Academy in the documentary branch.
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