Karl Zechenter


Karl Zechenter

vizuální umělec, expert na transmédia

(*1972, in Linz/Austria) Karl lives and works in SAlzburg as artist, in media arts, Fine Arts, music, theatre/performance, game art and artistic research. He founded the collaborative art group gold extra with other artists in 1998.

He studied Literature and Political Sciences and has worked as cultural programme director at the cultural center ARGEkultur from 1999 to 2005, initiated the media festival Basics and curated the Festival OFFMozart for Mozart 2006, among others. He has been consulting for artists' institutions and organisations in the local, state and federal government in matters of cultural policies and strategies.

Karl is currently working as lecturer at the university of the Arts, Mozarteum Salzburg, Graphics Department, head of the umbrella organisation of Salzburg' cultural institutions, works on consulting boards for the state government for cultural tuition and media and media arts. He's been awarded the Ferdinand Eberherr Award 1998, Junges Theater Bremen Award 2005, Outstanding Artist Award 2012, Media Art Award of the State of Salzburg 2012, nominated for Most Amazing Game (Amaze Award) 2017.
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